May 5, 2018

Apostle Johnson Suleman empowers a care home in Philadelphia

Apostle Johnson Suleman empowers Methodist service center in Philadelphia

Life is all about giving and making impact

In the words of Apostle Johnson Suleman “around the world when I talk with people, I discover most people do things for profit, when you earn a salary, you make a living but when you give your heart to people, you make a life. It is more impactful when you make a life than when you earn a living.”


This sort of mindset has made Apostle Johnson Suleman dedicate his life to impactful giving. One such visit was a foster care home in the United State of America.

The management of Methodist Services, Philadelphia were elated to receive the Senior Pastor and Founder of Omega Fire Ministries International, Apostle Johnson Suleman, and his entourage. Methodist Services Philadelphia, is a foster care home that provides life-enriching programs to families and children facing challenges of limited resources, increased poverty, etc.

The Manager explained the goals and vision of the Service Home and how they accomplish them through the help of the staff and willing volunteers.

Apostle Suleman showed gratitude to God and also the management for setting up an establishment with the sole aim of impacting lives and helping the needy. He also offered monetary assistance in the sum of $7,000 and other gift items to the home. The management was so grateful for the gifts and prayed for him and his ministry.

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Apostle Johnson Suleman extended his act of benevolence to United State, when he empowered a care home in the Philadelphia
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